Les Hommes et Les Femmes
De Paris [1961-1963]
Les Enfants Aussi !

These images are a small attempt to capture the daily life in Paris of the early 1960's. To keep them in a candid style on the closer shots, I usually used a 105mm or 200mm lens on a Nikon F with a waist level finder, shooting backwards, the lens concealed under my arm.

Very little is needed in the way of explanation for most of the images, as they simply capture a moment in time.


 A New Brigitte?  Mine !
 Afternoon Feeding  Watching Her
 Handsome Hansom  Sunday Morning
 No Nibble Yet ?  Emil Azam
 Studying Artist  I'm Lost
 Kid Power  Same Time?
 Mercedes Matador  Different View
 Decisions  Life Is ...
 One Good Lick  Concentration
 Buns Away!   more to come!


All images are on 35mm film.
B&W on hand loaded Pan-X Movie Stock,
color on Kodak commercial Ektachrome.
The films were processed in a small tank.

20 January, 2011