Les Acacias

This is the gateway to a home on the northwest side of Montmartre.

The location is at the bend of Avenue Junot where it meets Rue de L'Abreuvoir. The street (at the time) was partly paved with cobblestones and partly dirt. Most of the homes in this section are two storied, with an attic, or garret.

.....Gateway Details.....

The scene attracted me because of the extremely strong lighting, about 2 PM on a very early spring day. With this angle of the sun, the gateway and its ornamental birds became backlit, creating a buffer zone between it and the house proper.

The house is one of the few I saw with the name embedded into the brickwork.

Printing this scene became an experiment in the use of the various grades of paper, and how the rate of printing exposure affects the final image.

Click on the main image for a full size view, or any one of the others for the details, plus the entry to the street.


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