Rue del la Bonne

One of the interesting effects of the street layout on the backside of Montmartre is that portions of the Sacre Coeur are visible from almost every intersection.

Rue de la Bonne is directly behind the Sacre Coeur, and is one of many streets 'broken' by steps. The artist has just begun, and the passerby hardly broke her stride. Once an artist is nearing completion of the work, it is not unusual to have a small gathering of 'critics'.

At the intersections of Rue Lepic and Rue Norvins is an excellent view of the basilica. The street ahead leads to Place du Tertre.

I believe that this is from the eastern end of Rue de L'Aubreuvoir, and near the Musee du Vieux Montmartre, and just up from the vinyard.


If (when) you get to Paris, plan to spend some time in the Musee du Vieux Montmartre.


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